Thursday, July 3, 2014

the art of correspondence.

The dream of Nyssa, Ink. 
began over 25 years ago in Eugene, Oregon 
when I first wrote the words "Nyssa, Ink." down on paper. 

I've always been addicted to paper goods... 
I still today have the postcards and cards 
that I collected and were sent to me since my childhood. 

friends from camp. 
cute boys I met on vacation. 
the friend who moved away. 
when I moved away. 

postcards of travels. 
love notes. 
notes passed in class. 

This was a time when correspondence was still always by hand, 
whether in writing or by typewriter. 

No emails. 
No texts. 

It was a time when messages were communicated directly, 
by voice or by written word.  

A time when a sentiment was something real you could hold onto. 
Something to keep and remember. 
Something to treasure. 


XO, Nyssa 


  1. I love snail mail. For a while I was doing mail art but it got to be just really overwhelming. I love it when I get good mail, and I love sending cards. I don't write letters that much, unfortunately though your blog post may start me doing that again.

    1. I have snail mail headed your way this week! FUN! :)

  2. I remember posting on Facebook something like : 'when was the last time you got a real handwritten letter' ... somebody answered me in a comment : 'We can start writing today if you want !' And then ... I got real letters ... I sent real letters ... I love my pen-pal !!!

    1. I remember that day too <3 Keepsakes and momentos! Momentos - something meant to warm. :)

  3. Your stationary section is amazing - not surprising at all, though, in the grand tradition of the Nyssa Ink brand <3

  4. Thank you so much Kay and CJ!!!