Thursday, July 3, 2014

the art of correspondence.

The dream of Nyssa, Ink. 
began over 25 years ago in Eugene, Oregon 
when I first wrote the words "Nyssa, Ink." down on paper. 

I've always been addicted to paper goods... 
I still today have the postcards and cards 
that I collected and were sent to me since my childhood. 

friends from camp. 
cute boys I met on vacation. 
the friend who moved away. 
when I moved away. 

postcards of travels. 
love notes. 
notes passed in class. 

This was a time when correspondence was still always by hand, 
whether in writing or by typewriter. 

No emails. 
No texts. 

It was a time when messages were communicated directly, 
by voice or by written word.  

A time when a sentiment was something real you could hold onto. 
Something to keep and remember. 
Something to treasure. 


XO, Nyssa 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The art of life.


Welcome to my 
back into blogging.... 

or you could consider it a

Been here before. 
May find myself here again. 

It's a dance; 
this art of life, this life of art. 

No apologies.

xo, Nyssa